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Hello everyone, Flora Keegan is my pen name. I also write under my real name of Suzi Williams. For many years I wrote for a independent music magazine interviewing musicians and reviewing new releases. I'm currently writing a comedy novel set in the 1980's and I have an exciting plot for a romantic novel. I also enjoy writing for radio and television. I have completed a pilot episode of a sitcom suitable radio. My other interests (when I'm not writing) include CGI Art. I created the dragon featured on my blog. I also paint landscapes in water colours.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hello Readers

Hello readers,
I've just begun work on my first romantic comedy novel. Although I have been a writer for over 12 years this is my first adventure into the world of 'Chick Lit', so I'm excited and looking forward to developing my idea's. I'm also interested in drama script development and comedies. Flora Keegan is my pen name. I chose it because it felt right for me, and it has a nice ring to it.

Nice to meet you. Please call back and catch up with my ongoing progress and personal thoughts.

Kind regards,

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